[Samba] Samba and Printing

Komal Shah countofdracula at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 06:15:24 GMT 2006

Shaun Marolf wrote:

> It is much easier to have Windows print to a Samba server than it is to print 
> to Windows from any Unix. I have successfully setup shared printers on a 
> Samba Server that I had no Linux driver for. Though the server could not 
> print to the attached printer all my Windows clients could as Samba Print 
> queue just sent raw data straight through so all the printer got was the file 
> that Windows created before it sent it to the Samba print share.
> Now as far as printing to your printer from Linux, if the post script driver 
> does not work then you may not be able to do so. Have you used Google to see 
> if a driver is available? Since you didn't state what brand it was all I can 
> add is if its a Brother I bet you will find a driver at their web site.
> --Shaun

Thanks Shaun for quick reply.

I am having trouble with Dell Photo 964.Can I setup raw queue so that 
Windows drive will do the processing ?


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