[Samba] change password on 1st signon

Guido Lorenzutti guido at lorenzutti.com.ar
Tue Aug 29 04:01:36 GMT 2006

pdbedit -i smbpasswd -e tdbsam
This ONLY migrate your smbpasswd to tdbsam. You must first take down the 
samba server.
Now backup your smbpasswd to another directory.
Know, modify the smb.conf:

There it says "passdb backend = smbpasswd" just put the tdbsam instead 
of smbpasswd.

Before you start up the samba daemon again, you can do pdbedit -Lv 
username to see if everything is OK.
If this works, start up the daemon and everything should be OK.

fname lname wrote:
> Do you have an link to update to tbsam?
> On 8/28/06, Guido Lorenzutti <guido at lorenzutti.com.ar> wrote:
>> oh I don't remember... long time ago.
>> I don't think so, If I remember correctly, you need tdbsam to do this.
>> If you don't have tdbsam, you must use the standard unix tools, 
>> /etc/shadow.
>> Update to tdbsam, is trivial to do that.
>> fname lname wrote:
>> > Does this work with the standard smbpasswd file?
>> >
>> > On 8/28/06, Guido Lorenzutti <guido at lorenzutti.com.ar> wrote:
>> >> fname lname wrote:
>> >> > Is there a way to enable user to change password on first signon?
>> >> pdbedit --pwd-must-change-time 0 username
>> >>

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