[Samba] Re: Preliminary 3.0.23c patch for testing and review

Matthew Mastracci matt at aclaro.com
Thu Aug 24 20:35:07 GMT 2006

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> I've upload the preliminary patch against 3.0.23b that will
> become 3.0.23c so people can do full testing against what
> we hope to be the release code.  Note that the reported version
> in the patch is 3.0.23c-gwc-1 to prevent confusion from the
> final 3.0.23c release.
> - ------
> Common bugs fixed in 3.0.23c include:
>   o Authentication failures in pam_winbind when the AD domain
>     policy is set to not expire passwords.
>   o Authorization failures when using smb.conf options such
>     as "valid users" with the smbpasswd passdb backend.

This fixes the problem that I was having with winbind failing to 
authenticate any user on a member server.  It was giving the 
NEW_AUTHTOK_REQD message before, works perfectly now!


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