SUMMARY: [Samba] smb.conf template homedir

Karen R McArthur kmcarthu at
Thu Aug 24 19:16:00 GMT 2006

Thank you!

I was able to solve this issue by "template homedir = %p"
%p is the variable for the NIS path name of the service

Karen R McArthur wrote:
> For local login to our samba server, we are using posix information 
> stored in an openldap directory. - I can log in via shell with no 
> problems.
> We are authenticating samba against AD2003.  I can attach to the samba 
> server from both windows and macintosh - just not access my home 
> directory.
> Currently, "template homedir = /home/%U" - which results in a path of 
> /home/<username>
> I would like to use the homeDirectory field found in openldap - which 
> is different for different classes of users.
> i.e.:
>     /usr/guests/guest_name
>    /usr/netapp/student/student_name
>    /usr/netapp/faculty/faculty_name
>    /usr/netapp/staff/staff_name
> I have tried templete homedir = %$(env HOME), but it does not work:
> Aug 24 14:04:46 vmnode10 smbd[15826]: [2006/08/24 14:04:46, 0] 
> lib/substitute.c:expand_env_var(190)
> Aug 24 14:04:46 vmnode10 smbd[15826]:   expand_env_var: Environment 
> variable [HOME] not set
> I assume I just can't figure out the correct syntax for the "template 
> homedir".  Could someone point me in the right direction?
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Karen McArthur
> Bates College, Lewiston, Maine

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