[Samba] Re: Strange Usermapping problem with 3.0.23b

Guillermo Gutierrez ggutierrez at marketscan.com
Thu Aug 24 15:36:31 GMT 2006

Thank you that worked like a charm. I rarely apply patches and usually I will install from ports for FreeBSD or use portage with Gentoo.

- Guillermo Gutierrez

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Hi Guillermo,

On 2006-08-24 00:28:43 +0200, "Guillermo Gutierrez" 
<ggutierrez at marketscan.com> said:

> Hello,  Iwas trying to apply this patch from Jerry but I don't have 
> any luck doing so.
> how would one apply this patch? It is not a .patch file.

Hmm, was no problem for me:

- Unzip the patchfile
- got to /usr/ports/net/samba3
- do a 'make extract'
- go to 'work' (i.e. 'cd work')
- apply the patch: 'patch < <whereverIam>/patch-3.0.23c-gwc-1.diffs'
- go up: 'cd ..'
- 'make all install clean'

Worked for me...


Ciao/BSD - Matthias

Matthias Schuendehuette <msch [at] snafu.de>, Berlin (Germany) PGP-Key at <pgp.mit.edu> and <wwwkeys.de.pgp.net> ID: 0xDDFB0A5F

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