[Samba] Re: Strange Usermapping problem with 3.0.23b

Matthias Schündehütte msch at snafu.de
Wed Aug 23 18:25:24 GMT 2006

Hi Jerry,

On 2006-08-21 23:09:05 +0200, "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" <jerry at samba.org> said:

> Does your username map use a ! to stop the parsing.
> See the man page for details.

Sure! Your question made me uncertain since this could be a typical 
mistake for quick 'n dirty test setups, but I rechecked today: The 
exclamation marks are all there.

I found today another problem: Samba denied a usermapping with the 
message that a domaingroup with the same name exists... nice to know 
but who cares? If I want to access local unix files with the account 
'foo', what does it matter if there is a windows domain group 'foo'?

I downgraded my production server to 3.0.22 today, but I have now a 
complete identical testserver (same os, same net, same hardware) to 
track down this misbehaviour.

Ciao/BSD - Matthias

Matthias Schuendehuette <msch [at] snafu.de>, Berlin (Germany)
PGP-Key at <pgp.mit.edu> and <wwwkeys.de.pgp.net> ID: 0xDDFB0A5F

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