[Samba] map a uid to a sid -- a never ending story

David Shapiro David.Shapiro at bcbsnc.com
Wed Aug 23 14:11:25 GMT 2006

In my feable desperation to resolve my issue with no response that works
yet for me, I tried:
net idmap dump > /tmp/dumpfile.txt, which dumped the my sid to uid
mappings.  I then edited the dumpfile.txt to change
S-1-5-21-54348060-1989963526-242692186-28788 to map instead from 100000
to 785755, which is the uid of the unix user I want it to map to (note
that username map = option appears to just map the name, not the uid, so
that suggestion does not help me with nfs mounting a samba ad home
directory to another server.  Anyway, after this I did a restore, but I
get the following error that I am not sure why it is giving it to me:

[root at hq1al033][/] > net idmap restore < /tmp/dumpfile.txt
Could not set mapping of UID 785755 to sid
USER HWM: 7857551  GROUP HWM: 145448
If I search in the dumpfile.txt, I do not see 7857551 (why the 1
added?), so I cannot remove/change this.  Of course, ideally, a solution
from you samba wizards would be greatly appreciated.

David Shapiro
Distributed Systems
Unix Team Lead
office: 919-765-2011
cellphone: 730-0538

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