[Samba] Domain Login

Rick Jones rick at activeservice.co.uk
Wed Aug 23 13:06:45 GMT 2006

I'm actually running SME Server (e-smith) v6, which integrates all the 
services with a central management system. Just dropping samba 3 in is not 
entirely trivial. I could probably work it out, but at some point I'll 
upgrade SME to v7 anyway which has later versions of everything, so I don't 
want to spend time frigging with the current system.

This machine has been running flawlessly for over 3 years, and it's just 
strange that suddenly it doesn't want to talk to one particular XP client. 
For now I've set up a matching local login on the PC and copied the profile 
over, and this is working well enough. I might try doing another XP repair 
to the PC if it becomes a real problem.

It would just be nice to know why :)


--On 23 August 2006 14:10 +0200 Henrik Zagerholm <henke at mac.se> wrote:

¦ Do you have any reason to stick with samba 2.x?
¦ It is very old so it is really really recommendable to upgrade to 3.0.23
¦ Cheers,
¦ Henrik
¦ 23 aug 2006 kl. 12:13 skrev Rick Jones:
¦> I've just encountered a very similar problem.
¦> Using Samaba 2.2.8 as a PDC, everything has been fine for ages, a
¦> few clients, all Windows XP. But I just had to do a repair-install
¦> of Windows on one machine (it got corrupted for unknown reasons).
¦> After doing this, it won't logon to the domain, I get exactly the
¦> same error as below.
¦> However, the trust a/c does exist. I've removed the account from
¦> the server, and re-added it in different ways. When I use the join-
¦> domain screen on the PC it says "Welcome to the domain", and the
¦> trust a/c has been written in /etc/passwd and smbpasswd. But it
¦> refuses to accept any logins. I'm lost!
¦> The only difference I can see about the PC re-install is that I
¦> used the Windows XP CD with SP2 built-in. Previously, and I think
¦> with all the other machines, they were installed with XP original,
¦> then SP2 applied after.
¦> Is there something new in XP SP2 that Samba 2.2 doesn't understand?
¦> Rick Jones
¦> Phares wrote:
¦> -----------
¦> Im having a problem with my machines.... Im running Samba 2.2.12...
¦> I have
¦> created the machine accounts and also added the machines to the
¦> domain without
¦> problems... however, when I try logging into the machines, I get an
¦> error
¦> saying that the server is either down, or the trust account is
¦> missing... the
¦> login works fine for windows 2000 machines... the ones that are
¦> giving the
¦> error are the windows XP machines ... any ideas?
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