[Samba] Domain Login

Rick Jones rick at activeservice.co.uk
Wed Aug 23 10:13:49 GMT 2006

I've just encountered a very similar problem.

Using Samaba 2.2.8 as a PDC, everything has been fine for ages, a few 
clients, all Windows XP. But I just had to do a repair-install of Windows 
on one machine (it got corrupted for unknown reasons). After doing this, it 
won't logon to the domain, I get exactly the same error as below.

However, the trust a/c does exist. I've removed the account from the 
server, and re-added it in different ways. When I use the join-domain 
screen on the PC it says "Welcome to the domain", and the trust a/c has 
been written in /etc/passwd and smbpasswd. But it refuses to accept any 
logins. I'm lost!

The only difference I can see about the PC re-install is that I used the 
Windows XP CD with SP2 built-in. Previously, and I think with all the other 
machines, they were installed with XP original, then SP2 applied after.

Is there something new in XP SP2 that Samba 2.2 doesn't understand?

Rick Jones

Phares wrote:
Im having a problem with my machines.... Im running Samba 2.2.12... I have
created the machine accounts and also added the machines to the domain 
problems... however, when I try logging into the machines, I get an error
saying that the server is either down, or the trust account is missing... 
login works fine for windows 2000 machines... the ones that are giving the
error are the windows XP machines ... any ideas?

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