[Samba] strangely lingering lock, samba 3.0.22

Joel Franco joel.franco at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 00:31:10 GMT 2006

Me too.

Same bug and exactly the same problema.

As Debian user, i will install the 3.0.23 from debian repository when

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On Ter Ago 01 06 15:35, Logan Shaw wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Today a user (call them 'abc') came to me and described the
> following sequence of events:
> 1.  They opened an Excel file, made some changes, saved it, and
>     closed it.
> 2.  They tried to open it again and got an error dialog within
>     Excel that says this:
> 	    File in Use
> 	    FooBar.xls is locked for editing
> 	    by 'abc'.
> 	    Open 'Read-Only' or, click 'Notify' to open read-only
> 	    and receive notication when the document is no longer
> 	    in use.
> 3.  They rebooted their desktop machine and tried again, and
>     got the same dialog again.
> No matter what they do, the file remains locked.  The same file
> is locked for other Windows users and on other Windows computers
> as well, so obviously there is some sort of state on the Samba
> server that is telling the clients that the file is locked.
> So, I logged into the Samba server (3.0.22 running on Slackware
> 10.2, with kernel 2.4.31), and tried to see if I could see any
> evidence of a lock.  The file did not show up in the output of
> "smbstatus --locks".  Running "fuser" on the file didn't show
> that any process had it open.  So apparently no process has
> it open on the Linux machine.
> Also, I noticed that if I make a copy of the file on the Linux
> machine ("cp FooBar.xls FooBar-new.xls"), the copy does not
> retain the lock.  So, it would appear that this is not related
> to the actual contents of the file.
> I also tracked down the individual smbd that user abc's machine
> is connected to and killed it.  Another one restarted, but
> the lock was still not released.
> For what it's worth, I have "oplocks = no" and "level2 oplocks =
> no" in my smb.conf, so presumably this isn't an oplock issue.
> Anyone have any ideas what's going on?  As far as I can tell,
> this must be a server-related issue since all clients see
> the file as locked, and it's apparently not an issue with the
> contents of the file (like Excel writing some flag into the
> actual file contents itself), but I can't find any indication
> on the server that the file is locked.
>   - Logan
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