[Samba] Implications of the "-i" switch to s/nmbd ...

Jeff Ross jross at wykids.org
Mon Aug 21 18:54:28 GMT 2006


(3.0.21b, OpenBSD -current)

I'm trying to get the smbd and nmbd processes to run under daemontools and
to log to multilog.

Using the -F -S switches should work, and is widely cited in google
searches, but logging to multilog stops shortly after the daemons start. 
The last message that goes to multilog is

standard input is not a socket, assuming -D

and from then on logging goes to the standard samba log file.

If I replace the -F -S switches in my daemontools run script with the -i
(interactive) switch, both smbd and nmbd seem to work as I want under

The man pages suggest that this will be a big perfomance hit, but I wonder
if anyone has any real world experience with this?

Alternatively, does anyone have a real solution to getting the daemons to
work correctly under daemontools?

Jeff Ross
Wyoming Children's Action Alliance

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