[Samba] Problem with group access to shares

ergatz ergatz at comcast.net
Mon Aug 21 00:06:38 GMT 2006

I appreciate the reply.  I will check log Monday at work.

I used to do a separate share for EACH subdirectory, but it got to be too 
much overhead.  I have about 40 different shares I would have to create. 
The sample I gave was just a very simple example.  The real thing is far 
more involved.


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> Try to do
> tail- f /var/log/samba/log.smbd
> while the users tryin to enter the share..
> if nothing happen  change log level to 2
> in try again
> in the log you can see  why is happening the problem
> PD: why dont you use different shares, for example:
> path = /shares/engineering
> valid users = @engineering
> force group = enginerieeng
> force create mode = 775
> force directory mode = 775
> and for the others too, software, management ....
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> I have a Solaris 8 samba 3.0 server.  For over a year I have been running 
> a
> share which has group USERS, so everyone in USERS group can map the share.
> Under this share there are several subdirectories that all have their own
> unique group for access.
> Example:
>    Share is called [PROJECTS]
>    UNIX dir structure
>        PROJECTS    owned by root   grouped by USERS
>            ENGINEERING   owned by root   grouped by ENGR
>            SOFTWARE       owned by root   grouped by SW
>            MANAGEMENT  owned by root   grouped by MGT
>            PROGRAMMING owned by root   grouped by PROG
> For over a year users have been able to map the PROJECTS share, then 
> access
> the subdirectories based on their group membership in NIS groups.  Last
> week it just stopped working.  I didn't change version ov samba.  The only
> change I made was to add a new user in smb.conf file.  I reverted back to
> smb.conf BEFORE the problem, but it didn't work either.
> Any ideas?
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