[Samba] Re: Samba instead of SBS2k+3

Przemyslaw Smiejek smiejek at poczta.onet.pl
Sun Aug 20 16:28:53 GMT 2006

W odpowiedzi na pismo z niedziela, 20 sierpnia 2006 14:52 
(autor Robert Schetterer 
publikowane na gmane.network.samba.general, 
wasz znak: <44E85B18.90500 at schetterer.org>):

> Hi,
> jep samba can act as a win nt (4) domain controller PDC.

PDC it's only authorization, as I know. 

> but having Samba in a school enviroment is very typical,
> there are many special Linux distros for schools which have allready
> included this look http://www.skolelinux.org
> and the samba faqs, setting up samba as domain contoller.

But I need not only user authorization but also tool to set policy on

> But you will make your live much more easier , and save money for the
> children, if you switch totally to linux.

That's impossible. :(

> There is nothing on windows which is really need to learn for pupils
> which cant be handeled by modern linux distros.

There is, unfortunately. It's Windows. There are many windows programs and
many windows users so I have to have Windows on workstations so I need AD
to set policy. :(  I want to change my AD to Samba, because I have only 20
licenses to SBS2k+3 and I want to add more computers.

I see that I have to buy next licenses :(

 Przemyslaw Adam Smiejek

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