[Samba] samba4 readiness

Shawn Wilson ag4ve at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 17 19:00:26 GMT 2006

i wanted to setup a samba4 domain, however i had a couple of questions:
1. i was thinking of using centos, however was curious what linux distro most
people use. ie what most of the samba4 documentation is written for?
2. i had read that there isn't much support for user land programs for setting
up samba4 and account administration, and that swat isn't emplimented yet; how
dated / acurate is this information?
3. i don't have a domain name (fqdn) at this site. is there a way to setup a
domain without owning a fqdn?
4. if i download and setup samba4 from cvs; how stable is it currently, what
changes might be made that would effect a current configuration, or what might
a future release break in current cvs.
5. how far is current cvs from being samba4-stable? (estimated date and feature

darkhaven (aka - shawn wilson / ag4ve)

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