[Samba] Problem looking up SIDs after Windows Rollup 5 on DCs

André Marques andre_sesred at yahoo.com.br
Tue Aug 15 14:19:58 GMT 2006

Hello to everyone!

Recently we updated one of our DCs with the MS Windows
Rollup 5. After this, watching our logs, we noticed
that many problems are happening when wbinfo tries to
lookup SIDs, for the script wbinfo_group.pl (that
verifies user on certain groups).

Well, after  many researches about this, we discovered
also that we should include our proxies that
authenticate on the DCs, on a group called
"pre-win2000 machines" (or something like that).

But the problem now is: it works on one proxy, but not
on other one.

So, i would like to know if anyone of you know if the
fact of different versions being used, can affect this
feature (lookup SIDs), cause the versions for them are

The proxy that find success on looking up SIDs is with
samba-3.0.22-1.fc5 and the other is with version
samba-3.0.8-0.pre1.3. This old version is working good
on the DC tha was not updated, but not on the updated
DC, even being put on the correct group, that has
permission to lookup on the DCs.

Any advise? Any help is appreciated! :)
Thanks a lot!


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