[Samba] What gui works with samba 3.x and tdbsam ???

Gary MacKay gary at edisoninfo.com
Tue Aug 15 12:31:42 GMT 2006

Swat does not have anything for adding/editing/deleting users. 

Gary MacKay wrote:
>/ I just setup a new server for a client and everything is running well. 
/>/ I added and setup all the users from the cli just because that's how 
/>/ I'm used to doing it. I tried using the samba gui that comes with 
/>/ CentOS 4.03 and I tried Webmin but nether one will add the user 
/>/ proberly to the tdbsam database. They add the user fine to the 
/>/ /etc/passwd file but samba does not get updated properly. My client 
/>/ wants to be able to do this himself and not call me everytime and I'd 
/>/ prefer not to have to type out CLI type instructions. There must be a 
/>/ gui of some sort that works?????
/>/ - Gary
Have you tried SWAT?

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