[Samba] Connecting multiple places

Mario Lipinski mario.lipinski at gymszbad.de
Mon Aug 14 20:05:05 GMT 2006


i have somehow to connect samba installations on two places.

Site A and site B will be connected via a VPN tunnel. However the link
between these two places is so low (and I predict it to be so unstable)
that I cannot use Samba over the VPN (roaming profiles, homes etc.).
The users are mixed between those places and i cannot distinguish here
who will be where.

On site A there is already a Samba domain A running with the MySQL
passdb backend (i really know what i am doing here).

So I need a link between two samba installations. How to establish this?

First of all i think it is useful to replicate the password database
between the two places via the means of the DBMS. (Which should work
fine in theory, in practice i hope it will).

How to handle the Samba?

Shall i choose the same domain names? With this setup: How do i force
clients on site A to use the Samba on site A and clients on site B to
use the Samba on site B to not waste bandwidth?

Or should i choose a different domain name on site B but use the same
database as backend? Will this work? What about the SID?

I hope somehow can give me some hints how to handle such a situation.


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