[Samba] HELP -- Problem with access list on samba 3.0.23b but not on 3.0.20c PDC

M. D. Parker mike.parker at ga.com
Thu Aug 10 16:02:25 GMT 2006

I am using samba with NO windbind and a configuration file that has worked
for years stopped working at 3.0.23b.  The affect was that my [netlogon]
area was not being executed.  I do have an access list for this share, but
any share containing the syntax was failing.  The specific line:

valid users = @users, hplab, hpmtr, hpytr

But I did notice that write/admin user lines were treated similarly.

I have a local group called users, and so the manual page states that @users
calls in the UNIX users.  This syntax seems not to do the right thing in
3.0.23b.  Other shares using @<unix-groupname> fail as well.

Since this is a PRODUCTION PDC, this prevents me from upgrading to 3.0.23b.

I have a limited level 10 dump and will send the configuration file over if


M. D. Parker
Systems Administrator
General Atomics / Electromagnetic Systems
+1 858 455 2877
mike.parker at ga.com

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