[Samba] invalind encoding

gweltaz Siviniant gweltazsiviniant at free.fr
Fri Aug 11 07:47:13 GMT 2006

in my network i have both windows XP and linux (ubuntu dapper) computers.

For share files, i have installed a samba server (3.0.14a) on a debian 
sarge 3.1

The probleme is when i create a folder with a windows computer like "Mes 
vidéos" it don't appear like this on nautilus under linux and if i 
create the same folder from linux it don't appear well on windows explorer.

Probably it is the charset encoding is bad.

in the smb.conf on my server i append in the global section :
unix charset = iso8859-1
codepage = cp850

i think i must use spécific codepage and / or charset with nls for the 
mount command on the linux client

Have you an idea ?

Thanks for your help

Gweltaz siviniant

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