[Samba] Samba 3.0.23b Available for Download

Neal A. Lucier nlucier at math.purdue.edu
Wed Aug 9 19:30:18 GMT 2006

simo wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-08-09 at 19:06 +0200, Hansjörg Maurer wrote:
>>Just for clarification..
>>We have all users in both databases (nis  and AD)
>>with the same Username.
>>The unix system with the samba server only uses NIS (no nss/pam winbind).
>>as nameservice for users and groups.
>>With 3.0.21b and the setting below,
>>the owner of a file on the unix filesystem (USER1)
>>shows up in the windows security automatically as
>>Now with 3.0.23b is shown as the SID-RID String
>>The SID ist the SID of the Samba Server, the RID is 2 * uid + 1000
>>which is not the sid of the domainuser but the mapped SID of winbind...
>>Therfore the Security dialog cant resolve it.
> Hansjörg,
> I have been working recently around this kind of problems, can you send
> me a level 10 log file of a session where you just connect to the server
> and look up the users via the security tab?
> Simo.


I have been experiencing the exact same kind of symptoms with both 
3.0.22 and 3.0.23a.  I would be happy to use 3.0.23b and provide full 
debug output.  Since I haven't collected alot of debug info from samba 
before, what settings to use and what particular log files you are 
interested in would be useful.


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