[Samba] must click on mapped drive first

Tom Brown brown at esteem.com
Wed Aug 9 18:38:58 GMT 2006


I am using samba 3.0.4. Our users have an old Access application they use to 
access an Access database on the server. The application is hard coded to use 
the mapped F: drive.

If the user runs the application without previously clicking on the F: drive 
in explorer, the application will not return any records. However, the user 
can go click on the F: drive in explorer, return the to application and it 
will return the requested records.

There are no other problems associated with accessing the F: drive that I am 
aware of. Just this one Access application.

Is there something I can tweak in samba that would solve this problem? 

Oh yeah. This didn't happen before I rearranged the server. 

Where /mirror/Network is shared as \\fileserver\Network
F: -> \\fileserver\Network

/mbu/Network/MSUSERS -> /mirror/MSUSERS # soft link
Where /mbu/Network is shared as \\fileserver\Network
F: -> \\fileserver\Network # this mapping didn't change

The Access database is in the MSUSERS directory.
Is the link to MSUSERS the culprit?


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