[Samba] Re: SOS: removal of "--with-ldapsam" configuration option

Peter Daum gator_ml at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 9 16:05:22 GMT 2006


Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Peter Daum wrote:
>>> According to the corresponding entry in the
>>> release notes, this was "only used for backwards
>>> compatibility for 2.2 smb.conf files". As far as
>>> I can see however, not only the configuration file
>>> syntax has changed, but support for the formerly
>>> used LDAP schema (objectclass "sambaAccount") has
>>> been completely dropped. Is this true?
> No.  This should still work
> 	passdb backend = ldapsam_compat:ldap://ldap.example.com/

... that's good news! I had changed the configuration file to
"passdb backend = ldapsam" ( "ldapsam_compat" is not mentioned in
the man page) and tried samba 3.0.23a, which didn't work - when I
saw the release note mentioning the removal of "--with-ldapsam",
I thought that this was the reason.

> But you should really start migrating to the new schema.

... I am planning to ;-) It's only that at the moment I plan to
upgrade the samba and openldap installations and didn't want to
combine this with other substantial changes so I'll know where to look
in case of trouble. Does this mean my original assumption were right
and the old schema will still be supported for following 3.0.x

Thanks a lot for your quick answer!
                               Peter Daum

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