[Samba] SOS: removal of "--with-ldapsam" configuration option

Peter Daum gator_ml at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 9 15:20:45 GMT 2006


when trying to upgrade my smb servers from older 3.x versions to samba
3.0.23, I discovered, that (already in 3.0.22), the "--with-ldapsam"
option has been removed. According to the corresponding entry in the
release notes, this was "only used for backwards compatibility for 2.2
smb.conf files". As far as I can see however, not only the
configuration file syntax has changed, but support for the formerly
used LDAP schema (objectclass "sambaAccount") has been completely
dropped. Is this true?

If yes, is there any easy way to get this back? I could not find a
corresponding svn commit or something like that, which would allow to
have a look at all the corresponding changes. Is there a single set
of patches somewhere corresponding to that removal, that I could just

Or even better: Is there any chance to convince the venerated samba
developers to keep support for the old schema for the 3.0.x series?
4.0 will be a new major version where incompatible changes are
expected, while between 3.0.21c and 3.0.22 is not a really good time
for such a significant change. (At least for me and others in a
similar situation this is a pretty serious change indeed - I would
have to adjust loads of programs to the new schema. The worst part of
it: should I run into any problems after the upgrade, there wouldn't
be an easy way back to the last working state).

                       Peter Daum

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