[Samba] samba3, srvtools, and user account with no password

bob_bipbip bobbipbip at free.fr
Wed Aug 9 10:49:13 GMT 2006

hello, i've just finished in setuping my simple samba pdc (no ldap, just  
tdbsam), everything work, i can create account from a xp client with  
srvtools, modify propoerties of a user/groupe, no problem.

but but, i'm unable to let account with no password, i mean, when i'm  
creating/modify an account with srvtools, i've got the error "access  
denied", but when i put one, even if it's an one letter password, it works.

please, help me!

i'm using debian 3.1,
i put "null passwords = yes", "min password length = 0" in smb.conf
in common-password in pam:"password required pam_unix.so nullok min=0  
max=8 md5"

i'm lost ....

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