[Samba] Identically named users and groups

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Wed Aug 9 09:02:24 GMT 2006

first, thx volker!

>> consider this case:
>> valid users = DOMAIN\test DOMAIN\test
>> DOMAIN\test is a user and a group (don´t ask why ;) )
>> members of the group DOMAIN\test would never be able to logon to this 
>> share, right?
> There's no way in Windows that I know to have DOMAIN\test to
> be a user and a group at the same time. How did you get
> Windows to do that?
well, this was kind of mind game:
i have a samba PDC with a group test and a user test. this works fine 
for the DC (tested). how would samba on a member solve this issue, if 
smbclient connects (no windows involved)?


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