[Samba] Samba 3.0.23b Available for Download

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Wed Aug 9 07:09:30 GMT 2006

hi jerry&samba team!

> Since Samba 3.0.8, it has been recommended that all domain
> accounts listed in smb.conf on a member server be fully
> qualified with the domain name.  This is now a requirement.
> All unqualified names are assumed to be local to the Unix
> host, either as part of the server's local passdb or in the
> local system list of accounts (e.g. /etc/passwd or /etc/group).
"now" means from version "b" on or 3.0.23 at all?

* Added lookup_name_smbconf() to be called when looking up names
       from smb.conf.  Unqualified names are assumed to be local.
-> seems for me from "b" on, right?

i´m asking because there have been a lot of threads since the release of
3.0.23 and samba members always advised to use FQ-names. does this also
imply that bug 3920 is "fixed" now if we have to use FQ-names??

> If the member server is not running winbindd at all, domain
> accounts will be implicitly mapped to local accounts and their
> tokens will be modified appropriately to reflect the local
> SID and group membership.
and if winbind is running with "use default domain" are users also
mapped to local ones?

many thx in advance!

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