[Samba] Identically named users and groups

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Wed Aug 9 07:05:26 GMT 2006

hi again :)

> It's a variant of the same problem but has been
> exacerbated by the change from string comparisons
> to token based access checks for smb.conf parameters.
stupid question: so why did you change to token based access check at 
all? what were/are samba-internal reasons to do this?

> First there are two new domains in 3.0.23: "Unix User"
> (S-1-22-1) and "Unix Group" (S-1-22-2).
> There's am implied order of precedence being applied
> for unqualified names in smb.conf.
> * lookup the name as a user in passdb
> * lookup the name as a group in passdb
> * lookup the name as a user in "Unix User"
> * lookup the name as a group in "Unix Group"
> First match wins.
ok, but does this also apply on a member server running winbindd, 
because you say "passdb" and i always thought a domain member running 
winbindd has no own passdb 
or is passdb here just a "global word" for user backends no matter if on 
a DC or a member?

consider this case:
valid users = DOMAIN\test DOMAIN\test

DOMAIN\test is a user and a group (don´t ask why ;) )
members of the group DOMAIN\test would never be able to logon to this 
share, right?

thx for clarifying things, again!

> cheers, jerry
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