[Samba] unable to resolve WERR_ACCESS_DENIED - please help

Steven Rice srice555 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 4 17:42:26 GMT 2006


I'm trying to mirgate shares from a NT4 to a samba
3.0.22 server.  I understand that 'net rpc share add'
should work before trying 'net rpc share mirgate'.  

I configured smb to use winbind which works great to
connect and writing to the shares.  I also confogured
nsswitch to auth to winbind, which works great too.  I
added entry for add|change|delete share command that
points to the standard modify_samba_config.pl script. 

I took the liberty to edited the script so it logs the
time and arguments used when it ran.  

When I try to run this command:

net rpc share add TESTSHARE=/data/testshare -S
samba-srv -U Administrator%passwd

Nothing is displayed, and an exit code 1 is returned. 
Also, the add share script is not ran.  At "-d 3", I
see this:

[2006/08/04 13:24:40, 5]
      0004 status: WERR_ACCESS_DENIED
[2006/08/04 13:24:40, 1]
  rpc command function failed!

Reconfiguring smbd at debug 255 produced 400kb of logs
for that one command, but I could not find anything
helpful in all of it.

I searched google, the mailing list, and found a lot
of messages about this error message, but nothing that
has lead to resolution.  Can anyone point me in the
right direction?  

Thank you for your time.

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