[Samba] Lost All Win95 connections to Samba

Douglas D Germann Sr 76066.515 at CompuServe.com
Fri Aug 4 00:10:55 GMT 2006


Last night I shut down my network for the thunderstorms going through the area,
and unplugged it all. When I booted up this morning, I had no Win95 connection
to my samba server.

My setup: Ubuntu 6.06 server, running samba 3.0.22. 3 Ubuntu workstations, 1
WinXP Pro, 2 Win95 boxes. The Ubuntu boxes mount the same directories as the 
Win boxes, using cifs.

What I have tried: checking log files in /var/log/samba--nothing even seems to
mention login attempts by either Win95 station. Same for syslog and

The server and the two win95 boxes can ping each other. One Win95 box can be
accessed via vnc. Two of the Win boxes can ping google.com (the one that cannot
rarely uses an internet connection, so I might not have changed things around on
it when I got my router a while back). So the network connections are working.

Rebooted the server. Rebooted one of the Win95 boxes multiple times.

Tried mapping drive letters to the server. Got this: the network name is either
incorrect or on a network to which you do not have full access.

I am able to login to the server directly and through other connections, one of
which is an Ubuntu workstation, using the same login name. So the user and
password is working.

The WinXP box has had no trouble accessing the samba files, opening, reading,
editing, saving. All is normal.

The Win95 boxes allow me to login to the particular W95 computer, but then when
the screen comes up about logging in to samba, it says a connection cannot be 

I have made no changes in any box (Oh!--except I did do the updated files that
came up on Update Manager on my Ubuntu workstation this morning--nothing on any
other box) since last night. It is unlikely that I have done anything on the
server since the last time I rebooted it--but it is not impossible.

So how would you go about trouble shooting this? The two Win95 boxes are at the
moment essential to us, in our production environment.


:- Doug.

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