[Samba] Problem using smbfs with large directory

Joaquim Roberto da Silva silvajr at insyde.com.br
Tue Aug 1 22:46:31 GMT 2006

Hello !!!

I am using smbfs to connect a windows shared directory. Most time
everything works fine, but there is something that happens once in a while

The mentioned directory is divided in subdirectories.

Let's suppose the directory tree is:


The mount point /mnt/dx is connected to DIR1.

If I give the command:  "ls /mnt/dx" in a command-line shell prompt,  I
received the list of file and directories inside DIR1 correctly.
if I give the command:  "ls /mnt/dx/SUBDIR1" everything works fine as well.
However, if I give the command: "ls /mnt/dx/SUBDIR1/SUBDR2" it fails
sometimes and works other times.

When it does not work It seems that the mount point is disconnected. The
command presents nothing.

There is something special in subdirectory SUBDIR2 which is the fact
that it has more than 34000 files under it.

I do not know any bug or problem related to the number of files under a

I am using the version 3.0.22 of smbfs under  Linux Ubuntu - Drapper
6.06. I installed the package delivered by Ubuntu's team.

Thanks in a advance for any help.

Joaquim Roberto
supersilvajr at gmail.com
silvajr at insyde.com.br

Joaquim Roberto Silva
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