[Samba] SOLVED:Samba 3.0.14 and w2k3 terminal server / strange logon problem / is this in general possible

Josef Schauer office at s-i-s.at
Wed Aug 2 23:23:19 GMT 2006

Hi Jonathan.
> What does 'pdbedit -L -v josef' reveal on the Samba server? It sounds
> almost like the user account for josef might have been created before
> the Samba server was converted to a domain controller; in this case,
> that account will be considered a local account on the Samba server
> instead of a domain account. If this is the case, then you may find it
> easiest to remove the user account and recreate it.
Your guess was wright. The user josef was considered as a local

I deleted the user josef with pdbedit -x josef and created a new user
with pdbedit -a josef.

Nothing else had to be done ;-)

I spend two days on solving this problem ;-(
With your suggestion the issue was solved in a few minutes 8-)

Thx Josef

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