[Samba] access database-file not visible

Andreas Muhs andreas.muhs at gmx.de
Wed Aug 2 21:19:14 GMT 2006


on SuSE 9.3 Samba 3.0.13 works as file server, nothing else. 5 User working on 
an Access 97 Database with datas of our custumers. The one databasefile is 
located on the server. My boss sitting 700 km away in his home office dials 
with fritz!data every weekend into a client (W2K) and loads this nearly 80 MB 
big *.mdb file down. But several time ago this doesnt work anymore.

The file is invisible if he is logged in.

If I'm starting access on monday morning and he logs in he can see an download 
the file. If the motivatet me is going on sunday to work and starting the 
programm to note some forgotten datas, the mdb-file is also visible.

We (my boss and me) are working on this problem for a while.

As temporarily solution I made a copy every friday and he downloads this copy. 
I do the copy with Windows Explorer and place it in the same location on the 
server. Even this is an exact copy he can see and download it with 

We did expect to have a problem with the Norton Internet Security Firewall and 
tried to get an answer from the technical support. -- please don't ask @(  	

To don't forget to copy the file, i wrote a shell-script and place it in the 
crontab for executing every friday at 22:00.

But it is also invisible!

So I'm asking: Is Samba or Linux protecting the database and how can I change 



Andreas Muhs

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