[Samba] Samba 3.0.14 and w2k3 terminal server / strange logon problem / is this in general possible

Josef Schauer office at s-i-s.at
Wed Aug 2 12:18:58 GMT 2006

Hi Michael.
> that`s exactly the same setup we´re happily running
> sounds like the w2k3 machine has not been joined properly? can you
> logon (directly) to the w2k3 machine as a domain member?
Domain Logons on the w2k3 machine are working perfectly.

There is one more strange behaviour:

If I try to access the CITRIX NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD on the w2k3 server,
I'm asked to authenticate against
the domain with my username, password and Domainname.

This works just fine. I get authenticated.

On the next step I try to access a published program (in my example
notepad.exe) and have to authenticate me again
against the domain or the local server.

If I authenticate against the local server it works.
If I authenticate against the domain it doesn't work.

Any Ideas?


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