[Samba] Samba 3.0.14 and w2k3 terminal server / strange logon problem / is this in general possible

Josef Schauer office at s-i-s.at
Wed Aug 2 10:52:33 GMT 2006


My Situation:

- One Machine with samba 3.0.14 acting as DC, DHCP3SERVER, BIND9 and
dynamic DNS
- One Machine with w2k3 server standard edition acting as DOMAIN MEMBER,
TS and Citrix Access Essentials.

- Domain Logons are working perfect.
- Name resolving works fine. Reverse, Forward, NB, FQDN, IP ...

- RDP Connection to the TS with local useraccount on the TS works fine
- ICA Connection to the TS with local useraccount on the TS works finde

- RDP Connection to the TS with domain user ends up with error: Winlogon
Event ID: 1219 Domain could not be found
the same for ICA Connections.

The really strange behaviour is that the TS is sending the NETBIOS name
of DC as the DOMAIN-PART of the logon.


I try to logon to the DOMAIN ISARLBERG like this:

username: josef
password: XXXXX

After getting the error, I can see this in the eventlog:

Tried credentials:  ISARLBERG/josef

Effective used credentials OBELIX/josef

OBELIX is the NETBIOS name of the samba server.

Changing the NETBIOS name in smb.conf doesn't change anything. The TS
allways uses OBELIX as Domainname. Strange?

My Questions:

1. Is it possible to use samba as a DC and connect to the DC over a
TS/CAE Server on w2k3 server.
2. Has anybody working configuration like this.

Thank you for your help.

Josef Schauer

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