[Samba] Issues with cifs mounts following Samba upgrade to 3.0.23a

Mitch Jackson perimus at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 18:54:36 GMT 2006

> > Have you considered putting a big warning message up on your downloads
> > page:
> >
> "Only for cifsfs clients"

Considering somebody at fedora made the decision to remove smbfs support
from FC4 stock kernels a few weeks ago, and FC5 is the same way, and
everybody keeps acting like CIFS is a drop-in replacement for SMBFS when it
clearly is NOT (totally different behavior with identical configuration
parameters), this is a big freaking problem.

For properly patched FC4 networks, CIFS is the only easily deployable

When the removal of the smbfs kernel module came down the pipe, it broke our
shares.  The user mounted shared would be mounted with seemingly random
incorrect UID/GID making it non accessible to the user that mounted it.
That was loads of fun.

Today, I just started getting these 'access denied' messages on shares, and
apparantly I have to compile a SVN version instead of using packages to get
it fixed(?). Now I get to go explain to the boss why over 100 workstations
in our FC4 managed network can't access their shares, and probably get
another "Windows is better than linux / I told you so" speech.


Well, we do hope people will test code before it goes production.
> This was something that no one tested. And I mean *no one* tested.
> The code for Windows clients is obviously tested a lot, but the
> Linux client code doesn't get tested by people as much. Steve
> tests things, but he's only one person. I'm hoping this will change,
> but until it does then sometimes accidents will happen.
> Jeremy.
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