[Samba] [HELP] Samba 3.0.23a pam_winbind says password expired

Peter Trifonov petert at dcn.infos.ru
Tue Aug 1 09:35:03 GMT 2006


> i just do some tests with a fresh compiled samba 3.0.23a.
> trying to authenticate against PAM with pam_winbind gives:

> 09:59:23 humevo36 pam_winbind[27853]: user 'gasch' needs new 
> password Aug  1 09:59:27 humevo36 su: FAILED SU (to gasch) 
> gasch on /dev/pts/3
It seems to me that I have similar problem. However, su succeeds and just
writes to the console 
"Your password has expired"

With best regards,
P. Trifonov  

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