[Samba] Unable to reset file permissions

Andreas Buchler a.buchler at gcd-printlayout.de
Sat Apr 29 21:07:32 GMT 2006

Hi Iain

Iain wrote:
> Andreas Buchler wrote on 04/27/06 14:19 (US date format):
>> I have a samba PDC on linux (kernel 2.6.16-gentoo-r3, amd64, 2cpu's,
>> samba 3.0.22). My passdb backend is an ldap-server on a different
>> machine. I did an update from a slower machine.
>> The configuration files on the old and new machines are equal. After
>> the update all seems to be OK. I can login on the windows-clients and
>> access the shares on the server. But a closer look shows that the
>> file properties dialog on a windows machine doesn't show the user,
>> who ownes the file in the xfs-filesystem on the samba server (on the
>> old machine it worked). The domain groups are shown correctly.
>> Also all directories on a samba share have the R attribute set and
>> some applications say that the share is read only. But i can create,
>> copy and delete files on the share with explorer.
>> I googled a lot, but I couldn't find informations which solves the
>> problem or give me more informations what the reasons for the problem
>> are. It seems that the windows-clients doesn't know the domain users.
>> Have anyone ever seen this problem.
> Andreas,
> I have the same problem using Gentoo 2.6.15-gentoo-r5, amd64, single
> core CPU, Samba 3.0.22 with LDAP backend hosted on the same machine.
> This is a fresh build.
> Thread is above: "Unable to reset file permissions".

thank you for the tip about your thread. It seems that we have a similiar 
problem. In my case the problem appears after a major update of the whole 
machine (processor, mainboard, raid array, nic, ...). But the
configurations of the two machines are equal (samba, SID, ldap, pam_ldap,
nss_ldap, ...). I cannot find any differences in the configurations.

The only difference I can find is the gentoo version. The old machine is a
x86-gentoo (single cpu) and the new machine is amd64-gentoo (dual cpu). If
I take the harddisk of the old machine, put it in another machine with the
same mainboard like the new machine and boot the machine in a separate
network with one WinXP-Client everything works fine.

What have you done before the problems appeared first (kernel-update,
samba, ???)?


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