[Samba] trouble with ferdora core 5 with samba

Yvon Dubinsky ydubinsky at dmpcorp.com
Fri Apr 28 13:01:16 GMT 2006

I installed the latest version of Ferdora Core 5 with samba.  The 
installation of Ferdora is fine, and I can see the shares I have set 
up on my Win XP Pro machine.  But, there is a problem with the 
rights.  I have made the files on the linux box 777, but I can still 
not write to the files. It is as though the files are still read 
only, even though they should be read/write.  I am also having a 
problem implementing the users into the groups though Webmin.   When 
I create a new user under Webmin and then go to add them to the 
groups I have set up it gives me an error.   Says it does not have 
the right rights to add in the users and passwords.    I have two 
other linux machines running with no problems, one is running Ferdora 
Core 1 the other Core 2.   Has anyones else had any problems with 
Core 5 not letting users write to the shares even though the rights 
are set to 777?


Yvon Dubinsky
E-Commerce Admin
DMP Corporation

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