[Samba] smb.conf(5) manpage suggestion re. idmap backend

Jonathan C. Detert detertj at msoe.edu
Fri Apr 28 13:29:48 GMT 2006

suggestion for minor improvement of the smb.conf manpage in the context
of the 'idmap backend' parameter.  At least as of v3.0.22 the manpage says:

        Finally,  using the idmap_ad module, the UID and GID can directly be
        retrieved from an Active Directory  LDAP  Server  that supports  an
        RFC2307 compliant LDAP schema. idmap_ad supports "Services for Unix"
        (SFU) version 2.x and 3.0.

        [ snip ]

        Example: idmap backend = idmap_ad

All the examples I found on the internet of how to use this show the
value being simply 'ad', as opposed to 'idmap_ad'.  I like 'ad' better
because it is not redundant.  Regardless, the man page
should be updated to state the legal possible values.  If both
'idmap_ad' and 'ad' are legal, then mention them both.  If only 'ad' is
legal, then fix the man page.
Happy Landings,

Jon Detert
IT Systems Administrator, Milwaukee School of Engineering
1025 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202, U.S.A.

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