[Samba] Conistent problem with clients joining domain

William Jojo jojowil at hvcc.edu
Fri Apr 28 00:10:30 GMT 2006

On Thu, 27 Apr 2006, wally wrote:

> When I first set it up, I had it running with a Windows 2000 client (no
> SP patches applied) in the domain, and everyone could log on and off as
> they liked.  Everything was fine.  Then I joined another 2000 machine
> (for which I used the add machine script) which worked really neatly,
> and still everything worked fine.  Then I added an XP machine, which
> also joined perfectly happily.
> This is the point from which things must have gone wrong.
> I then applied SP4 to the FIRST of the two Windows 2000 machines.  I
> mucked about a bit with poledit to make a NTLogon.pol for the NTLOGON
> share, which worked like a dream.  I'd had a few users loging on and
> off of all the machines fine, all the shares worked as I wanted,
> everything seemed quite happy.
> Then I had a problem with a user not being able to write to a given
> share.  Turns out adding "profile acls = yes" to the Samba config fixed
> this (I found that out on the net), but before I discovered that I
> paniced and tried REMOVING the win2k machine from the domain, and
> readding it, which FAILED.  The message I received was "remote
> procedure call failed".  Ever since, I've not been able to join
> machines to the domain (I always get that error).

In the registry on the client, check for a key "requiresignorseal" set the 
value to zero.




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