[Samba] become_domain_master_query_fail

Dilip Ranganathan dilip.ranganathan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 13:02:11 GMT 2006

Loc Etienne wrote

Everything was working fine with my samba server, until two days ago,
when the clients started to say "domain is not available" when we tried to
Looking at nmbd.log I found some errors but have no idea how to fix
them...It has worked perfectly for almost two years...

Does anyone have an idea?

Lo•c Etienne

I find the following works.

Stop samba
Delete Wins.dat and browse.dat
restart samba
This usually happens on our fixed IP address network when a somebody
appropriates the Ip address of a machine which is down.
So if you are in a educational institute, copy the corrupted files, figure
out which student did it. you know the rest.


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