[Samba] performance regression between 30.14a and 3.0.20

James Peach jorgar at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 01:53:29 GMT 2006

On 4/27/06, Greg Dickie <greg at max-t.com> wrote:
> OK all my gobbledy-gook stats aside..... sorry for being incoherent.
> Stracing reveals that files after 3.0.20b are opened with O_SYNC. Could
> that be the source of the problems? I'll try and find that and test it
> when I get home but the question is is it necessary?

O_SYNC is not a good option to use if you want good write performance
on XFS.  It's what you use to when you really want your data safe and
don't care about throughput.

James Peach | jorgar at gmail.com

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