[Samba] Samba-LDAP Roaming Profiles

Roel Slegers deroel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 07:37:33 GMT 2006

On 2006/4/24, mallapadi niranjan <niranjan.ashok at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all
> I have a samba 3.0.21c with OpenLDAP 2.3.19  as Primary Domain Controller.
> I would like to enable Roaming Profiles per user basis , not for all users.
> below is my smb.conf
> ...

I think you can do this as follows:
First blank out the "logon path" and "logon home" parameters in SMB.CONF:
        logon path =
        logon home =
This way by default users have no roaming profile (I think).
Then modify the users who DO need a roaming profile as follows:
        pdbedit <username> -h "\\\\server\\homedirpath" -p

Or you can do the inverse: define a "logon path" and "logon home" in
SMB.CONF, and then modify those users who do NOT need a roaming
profile like this:
        pdbedit <username> -h "" -p ""

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