[Samba] PDC + File Sharing without password

Mimi Siu bbnoopys at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 20 03:02:29 GMT 2006


I have set up a PDC using samba (3.0.11) with openldap
(2.2.23) on RH9. 

I have a shared directory set in smb.conf and there
will be a huge access of directory in copying many
files from client-side (windows XP) to the PDC.

And I got a problem that the openldap is not
responding and my client who has login the the domain
can't access the file on the shared directory.

I hope that the login client are not required to 
authenticate again when they access the share
directory. (which is like the setting of
"security=share" in smb.conf). But of course, I can't
set this as my samba server is the PDC.

I read about the "hosts equiv" directive and I am
failed to implement it..

I have set "guest ok", but I check the log file that
it stills bind to the ldap server to authenticate the
user first.

Any suggestion?


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