[Samba] full access to the home dirs as Admin in Windows

Martin Miethe mmiethe at protourschile.com
Wed Apr 19 21:28:18 GMT 2006

Hello Mailinglist,

I got Samba running and also have a Win2K Server being part of the domain.
I run the the backups to a USB device which is connected on the Windows 
Server. When I login to the Windows Server as "Administrator" I need 
full access (like root) to all the Samba shares on the Linuxbox.
The share is defined as follows.


> [backup]
> comment = Backup Directory - all this needs to be saved
> path = /var/lib/samba/shares
> writeable = no
> browsable = no
> valid users = @"it-admin"

I can access the /home Dir but have no access rights to enter 
/home/user_xxx when being loged in as Administrator on the Windows 
server (this is my problem).

The smbusers file looks as follows:

> root = Administrator administrator

The rights of the home dirs are set to drwx--x--x

Thanks a lot and best regards

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