[Samba] two domains / shares

ict ict at wildernesse.kent.sch.uk
Wed Apr 19 14:06:50 GMT 2006


i would like to know if its possible to make a share on one domain
available to another, currently we have 2 domains a windows 2000 server
and a samba server both as domain masters, is it possible to make a
share available on the samba server available to windows 2000 server.

basically i would like to make the files available to users of the 2000
server from the samba server, this is part of a migration path and would
make things a lot easier.

i am thinking of moving the content of a couple of the partitions to the
new linux server, but want the contents still accessible to the rest of
the network which has not yet moved across.

any suggestions advice or pointers are helpful :)

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