[Samba] Reduntant Samba servers?

Linus Hedström linus at further.se
Wed Apr 19 13:25:15 GMT 2006


I am trying to setup two redundant Samba Servers.

The file shares are on both servers and needs to be synced.
My best solution is to run an rsync between them every 5 min ?
Are there any smarter solution to this?

Another problem is how I could solve the kerberos authentication in the 
best possible way?
We have a Windows AD server and authenticate through kerberos.

If server1 is down I want to switch to server2 but use the same DNS / 
Computer name because all users have it mapped. It also saves the profiles.

I have tried to set up a DNS alias on the AD server's DNS and my idea 
was that I just could switch the alias to the server I want to use.

But that doesn't work because it is the alias name that tries to 
authenticate to kerberos and I then get: "Server not found in Kerberos 
database" on the kerberos server.

I hope someone has a smart solution to this?


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