[Samba] If you ever wondered about Samba and the Golden Penguin Bowl and that suit...

Matt Richards matt at mattstone.net
Mon Apr 17 03:35:01 GMT 2006

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> I got a message from the organizer, for the
> first time the video feed of the Golden Penguin
> Bowl is available....
> So if you never saw me making a complete fool
> of myself live, now's your chance to see it
> second hand :-) :-).
> John Mark Walker wrote :
>> Hey ho... so the Golden Penguin Bowl video is now up, and you can get to
>> it from http://www.linuxworldblog.com/
in that video, when it shows the like question screen after the example 
bonus question and the mouse goes over the image of the 2 guys...
is that internet explorers little 4 icons that appear in the top left or 
am i just being silly?
> Jeremy.

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