[Samba] Stable Network Down

EHines eehines at comcast.net
Sun Apr 16 14:00:07 GMT 2006


I've had a stable Samba-run LAN, with some active shares, for several 
months, with my PC and laptop also gaining access to the Internet 
through the Samba server. However, this morning, when I booted up my 
Samba server, I had no LAN--neither my PC nor my laptop could connect to 
any share. However, both still had access to the Internet.

I confirmed that smb, named, winbindd, et al., were running on the Samba 
server, and I could find nothing wrong, with a search limited by my 
limited knowledge. Associated with this problem (at least in time), I 
could not log in to SWAT: http://localhost:901 simply sat and churned 
for several minutes, until I canceled the attempt.

I eventually cleared the problem by rebooting the Samba 
server--everything is running properly, now. However, rebooting seems 
excessive. In future, what sorts of things typically go wrong to produce 
this type of failure? For what should I be looking?


Eric Hines

 I don’t give ‘em hell.  I just tell the truth on ‘em, and they think it’s hell.
	—Harry Truman

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