[Samba] samba daemons

Anna Barnes ab2540 at columbia.edu
Fri Apr 14 21:26:31 GMT 2006

Hi there
Our server crashed this morning and now SAMBA is acting funky.
I can connect to the fileserver via samba from an apple box and I can  
mount my home directory and access my files, I can also mount the  
other folder with data in it but I can't access, in fact I can't see  
any files inside this folder.

On the server if I do ps -ef | grep smbd I get
  amandel  1744   648  0 12:40:03 ?        0:00 /opt/samba/sbin/smbd -D
     root   648     1  0 11:47:47 ?        0:00 /opt/samba/sbin/smbd -D
jgrinban  1700   648  0 12:29:01 ?        0:04 /opt/samba/sbin/smbd -D

and ps -ef | grep nmbd gives
  root   651   650  0 11:47:47 ?        0:00 /opt/samba/sbin/nmbd -D
     root   650     1  0 11:47:47 ?        0:02 /opt/samba/sbin/nmbd -D

I've tried stopping and starting these with smbd stop and smbd start  
etc but it actually makes no difference to the behaviour I am seeing.  
e.g If I stop the daemons I can still mount my home directory. I've  
also run smbclient -U and -L localhost and it all comes up fine.

What should I do next ?

Thank you

Anna Barnes (PhD)
fMRI Research Laboratory
Department of Radiology
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons
710 W168th St
New York, NY10032
+1212 342 0293

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